The Ultimate Guide to Coffee Grinder Retention: What It Is and How to Solve It

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Coffee is an art, and like any art, it involves numerous fine details to perfect. One of these details, often overlooked by the casual coffee enthusiast, is coffee grinder retention. This phenomenon can influence the freshness and taste of your brew, and can even waste those precious coffee beans. Understanding and addressing grinder retention is essential for any coffee lover looking to elevate their brewing game.

Understanding Grinder Retention

First, let’s define grinder retention. This term refers to the small amount of coffee that remains trapped inside the grinder after you’ve ground your beans. It’s especially prevalent in electric grinders where a portion of the ground coffee sticks to the walls or gets lodged in the burrs. It might seem harmless, but this retained coffee can mix with your fresh grounds, impacting your brew’s taste and consistency.

Why Grinder Retention Matters

So, why should you care about a little bit of old coffee mixed in with the new? Well, coffee begins to lose its flavor shortly after grinding due to exposure to oxygen. This process, called oxidation, can make your coffee taste stale or flat. By using a grinder with high retention, you risk brewing with partially stale grounds, depriving you of that rich, full coffee taste we all crave.

Solving the Grinder Retention Problem

Now, let’s discuss solutions. There are manual methods like tapping the grinder or using a brush to clean out the excess grounds. However, these can be time-consuming and still don’t guarantee complete removal.

This is where the innovation of LESBREW COFFEE comes in. We’ve designed a product that effectively tackles grinder retention – the LESBREW COFFEE Silicone Bellows Hopper. This device, easily attachable to your grinder, uses a simple pumping action to force air through the grinder, dislodging any leftover coffee and ensuring you get the freshest grounds possible for every brew.


Grinder retention is a small issue that can have a significant impact on your coffee experience. By understanding what it is and how to combat it, you can ensure that every cup you brew is as fresh, flavorful, and satisfying as possible. With LESBREW COFFEE, say goodbye to stale coffee and hello to an elevated brewing experience.

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