Raccea Bellows Hopper v2.0 (3 Rubber Patches Included) – #1 Best Quality Single Dose Blow-Out Hopper


Single Dose Blow-Out Hopper for Raccea 60mm Flat Burr Grinder.

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Warranty: 2 Years

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  • Sturdy and Solid Build.
  • Perfect Fitting (modify till it fits perfectly for your grinder).
  • Lid Locking Mechanism.
  • Air Leak Prevention Mechanism.
  • Compact and Sleek Design.
  • Tested and Refined.
Blow out coffee ground stuck inside grinder (grinder retention) after each grind. Make better coffee with Zero Retention #1 Best Choice Single Dose Bellows.


Starting from October 2021, our rubber bellows part will no longer be 3D printed. It is now replaced by our newly upgraded custom branded factory moulded silicone version.
Manufacturing Method:
  • 3D Print:
    • Lid
    • Lid Lock Ring
    • Connector
    • Air Leak Prevention Gasket
  • Factory Machine Moulded:
    • Silicone Bellows
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