Blow-Out Hopper

User Guide

Wash Before Use

Rinse with running water before use. Rest assured our assembly facilities are clean. But we can’t be sure what the parcel has been through along the shipping route particularly in this Covid period. It may be in contact with gas-based disinfectants, etc.

Do Not Overpressure

Do not apply pressure when the air outlet is fully blocked. Overpressure may cause separation between silicone bellows and hard plastic parts causing an air leak.

Do Not Place Under Direct Sunlight

Do not place the blow-out hopper under direct sunlight. The hard plastic might deform under the temperature of 70° celsius or more.

How to Install The Blow-Out Hopper

Most of our blow-out hoppers are designed to be installed the same way as the original hopper. For some grinders models, we will provide an additional separate part that we called the “safety switch key” to activate the grinder’s safety switch.

We will have a separate guide for each model very soon. In the meantime feel free to contact us at any time if you need help installing the safety switch key.

The Right Time To Blow

The recommended time to use the blow-out hopper is after the grinder stopped. This way the grind consistency will not be disturbed.


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